Veigar's Particles: Please Sell the Ult More

Hey guys! Take a moment to view the Veigar particle updates, if you haven't yet: [here's a friendly link.]( The particles in general look amazing, but I'd like to talk about Veigar's ultimate, which can be found at 0:23 into the video, and again at his full combo immediately afterwards. I'm a bit concerned that, visually, his ultimate has such low impact compared to his other effects. It's an extremely powerful nuke and an important effect to see go out in a fight, so having it be so overshadowed by other abilities makes me a bit concerned that this high-impact spell will be frequently unnoticed. While the bright flash on Veigar is big help, it feels like either the particle or the impact on an enemy champion should have a bit more visual kick behind it, because it currently doesn't grab the attention as much as such a high-power spell should, especially when it has to pass through the complex visuals created by his stun cage. Is this just a me thing, or do others find it equally hard to track compared to his other effects?
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