New player needs some advice on shotcalling and making the correct plays

Hello, I started playing LoL 2 days ago. I just had a match which completely confused me. This isn't my first MOBA, so I am not completely awful. Last match I was playing Kog'Maw at the middle lane and was against a Draven. I was pressuring Draven and the moment I was about to finish him off Ekko came out of the forest and almost killed me, but left the kill for Draven. During the laning phase I continued to pressure him, but the Renekton (top) and Ekko kept attacking me so Draven could finish me off. I managed to keep up and grab a couple of kills. During the match I got plenty of kills on the enemy and once we had the inhibitor down we recalled. We killed Baron Nashor and I proceeded to kill two enemies. I told my team to support me and move as a team, but they refused. They insisted that getting the other inhibitors down was more important than my plan of ending the match. I kept trying to convince them, but to no avail. What was the correct thing to do? Listen to them or convincing them to do it my way? I really need some advice on this. Here is the match history: Thank you for your time.
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