Came back to the game after a year, holy cow

The game is more toxic than ever, i've played 10+ games today and i honestly can't tell if there was one game where one of the teams (usually mine) didn't have an afker, rage quitter, flamer, inter, troller etc. I have at least 2000 hours playing this game and have played it since season 1 i really can't tell you how glad i am that i've played league during that period cause honestly now it's straight unplayable. Also its not only people's fault, if i go into a game even if its normal, there should be no way in hell that the matchmaking system pairs me up with a lvl 25 account that is obviously either a really new player or someone's troll only account where they will intentionally flame,feed and ruin other people's games until they get banned and then start all over again. Riot seriously needs to rework their matchmaking + punishment system, is it that hard to implement a system where players are paired up according to their honor level, account level and mmr as opposed to only mmr?
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