Daily reminder Riot is happy with the Scuttle changes

So literally every single player can go fuck themselves. Idk why people still play this game, waiting for it to improve when Riot ruined a portion of their game and then said "we're happy with this". I've yet to meet a single player who enjoys these changes. Every jungle main I know either stopped jungling or "tolerates" them. If you're the one special person who loves the change that's very cute and I'm happy for you but Riot needs to cater to the player base, not unicorns and edgy contrarians. Personally the jungle change was the last straw for me and I can't play anything but nexus blitz now. I used to play Top and Jungle to avoid all the cancer of botlane and having to play against shit like Zoe every game mid. Now that's been reduced to just top. Problem is most of my friends now all of a sudden also main top. Weird how that happened, really makes you thonk.
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