If you don't want to ban a champion, because you're such an "alpha male", ban something for an ally.

This is for all those overconfident players who refuse to ban a champion, because they are "brave and manly and can take a challenge", but their team ends up paying the price for their poor decision. I understand that playing the mini game of "Choose the lesser evil to fight" in champion select can be hard. But not banning anything will put you and your team in a disadvantage. If you want a game mode where nothing can be banned, Blind Pick and ARAM await you. But, in Draft pick, DO NOT let a ban slot go wasted. That is as stupid as the decision not to vote during elections. You are given the option to choose, the opportunity to inflict change for the better, but you decide to throw it away, because you are misinformed and lack confidence in making decisions. So, instead of selecting "None", ask your team what they would like to see banned. Maybe the enchanter main on your team would like Brand banned, even if he does not bother you. Maybe the jungler wants Ivern banned for some reason. There is literally nothing to gain from not banning a champion. You are only handicapping yourself and the team. The power to ban was given to everyone for a reason! There is no excuse for someone not to use it! P.S There is no such thing as an "alpha male".
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