Riot why are you putting newly level 30 players in their ranked promos in our ranked games?

It's literally an auto lose. literally. an. auto. lose. Like these player literally have no clue what they're doing. I had a jax top last game, who were farming jungle for the entire game. His laner is splitting, and taking towers, and inhibs? He's taking jungle farm. We have a team fight 2 feet away from him? He's taking jungle farm. We're contesting dragons and baron? He's on the other side of the map, taking jungle farm. He won his lane, got a bunch of kills off his laner, then proceeded to spend the rest of the game, farming jungle. The only time he comes is when they're killed our entire team. Then he jumps into them, 1vs5, maybe get 1 or 2 kills. This is ranked now a days people. I don't care what riot does, but this needs to change. Literally unplayable Maybe increase ranked for higher levels only. Maybe change it so you can only get experience from playing against REAL players, on the NORMAL 5vs5 map. Like literally right now, you can get to level 30 by playing against BOTs and then you can play ranked right away, and auto losing game for people. This should NOT be happening.
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