Aatrox, an excue to make a new champion with flashy moves

For the sake of things looking cool. Ya know, how RIVEN and Yas look cool and flashy with their moves? They made Riven 2.0...why? We have champions that do all of those things. Name me one true sustain auto attacking champion? Aatrox was it. What? We can't have one? We can have a billion champs that can one shot enemies, insane damage everywhere, but somehow ONE champ like Aatrox is bad? His win rate was fine, many found him fun, he had definite strengths and weaknesses. There was no need to take him in this direction. His ult is super cool, I will admit, but the rest...well, he looks like hes going to be a super cheese, annoying champion to play against. Slow, knock up, hook, repeat.
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