The thing I despise about assassins is how tanky they are, can't do 2k UNLESS you go squishy

You're not building defensively against an assassin, because if you do then what happens? You realize they've got 2000 HP that you can't damage fast enough because you made the choice of grabbing HP and Armor to try and "counter" their absurdly inflated damage from {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} which is supposed to "fall off" lategame. So the game becomes a coinflip of: "Can I 100-0 combo the assassin in 2 seconds before they press a single button and 100-0 me in 2 seconds?" Because if you can't instantly kill the assassin before they get to press a single ability then you're just dead to the instant follow up combo. It's so dumb.
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