There's Too Much Damage

Alright. I've had enough of the insane damage. Mages have insane damage. ADCs have insane damage. Junglers have crazy insane damage for a role that can literally take everyone else's farm plus some and have map-wide freedom while every one else is stuck in one spot. For some reason, supports have insane damage rivaling their ADCs, sometimes surpassing them when they get no gold whatsoever. Hell even tanks have insane damage tanking all the damage you give them while being able to deal the same damage to you. Damage after damage. There's so much damage in this frigging game, you had to give mages items that give more health than tank items so they wouldn't get deleted in one Q. Then you had to buff more champions because they weren't dealing enough damage. But before that, you nerfed all the champions that were dealing too much damage and in return buffed other champions so now they're doing more damage than the champions you nerfed for dealing too much damage. All for the sake of "The Meta." At no point in the game should anybody or anything deal 2000+ damage in 2 seconds. I don't care if they're fed or it's at 40 mins. If you want a kill, you need to work for it through outplay or teamwork that's it. Not because you can one shot them without needing half of your brain. Especially when the average hp at 20 mins is around 2000 hp and that's less for ADCs. Champions are out here dealing 500 damage at level three when you can barely build 800 hp at level three. That's fucking insane. This game has slowly went from a game about actual skill, patience, mechanics, and actually having fun to whoever picks the better champs and antifun. You don't need skill anymore. All you need is a team with more damage. On a sidenote: The bounty system is bull crap and I have the slightest idea of how or why Riot decided that is was justifiable in any way. You play the game the way you're supposed to. Excel in your lane, exploit your enemy for making mistakes, and outwit the enemy jungler's gank attempts and as a result, they get more gold from killing you than you get from killing them. You don't even get 300 gold for every kill which is more bull crap. So now, you have to deal with a bounty but also the junlger (which I believe junglers should be removed because they are ruining the game. At least to me). This takes your lead and your pressure and removes it if not lessens it. CC is crazy. Every champ has it and it lasts entirely too long. When you get hit with any CC now, you might as well close out of league and watch a YouTube video cuz you know you're dead and if you aren't, you're stuck in the CC for ages. All the while, they're dealing half your health in one move. THERE'S TOO MUCH DAMAGE. Enough is enough. You can't even argue the reason you added more damage was to speed games up because games are still taking 30 mins to an hour. Just take all the damage out. Take all the CC out and start slow with little numbers.

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