you know i didn't really think thornmail would actually get worse.

but it did. the item does less damage to anyone. even lifestealers. why? because the return damage didn't just get reduced. it got gutted destroyed , beaten up on a roadside ditch, fired from its job, had a home forclosure, a parking ticket for being 5 seconds late, his wife divorced him, got sent to jail in a wrong mistrial. and got aids and died in jail for dropping the soap. anyway. the item is unpurchaseable beyond its component. bramble vest. once you get to a 6 item point. might as well sell it for something more useful. its even more gold inefficient than before. its just stupid the only technically one way its good is that if enemy has a support soraka that is spam healing an adc and they are autoing you and then someone else on your team goes in to burst that ad and that would actually help them doing that. but again thats too damn niche. we all asked for GW on thornmail. but not to have the return damage reduced that much. obviously it needed to be reduced. but not this much. also why make it so damn inefficient as well?.

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