Can PBE Conqueror be a little more accessible please

- Garen E only gets 1 stack and it won't refresh it either - Minions (Yorick ghouls) do not stack or refresh - Illaoi can only get 1 stack from tentacles on walls regardless of how many are hitting and she will NEVER get more from tentacles until Conqueror expires; weirdly, she can get 2 stacks if it hits the spirit and the champion.* - Attack modifiers spells don't add an extra stacks (but a fully charged Dead Man's Plate does?) And yet Riven can roll up on me and have Conqueror ready before she's halfway done with her combo. And despite multihit spells like Garen spin, not working for it, Urgot W gets to be an exception to the rule and can stack Conqueror in ~1.2 seconds assuming he ONLY uses W and nothing prior. I'd like a little consistency, please. My champions getting janked out of a rune that should cater to them is annoying.
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