Can't pretend anymore tbh

I have to say this. Healing and Shielding are getting out of hand in this game. Assassins have been rendered useless by Healing/Shielding supps/items and Tank supps are weak AF. Let's see some problems. First a scenario. I'm playing Zed. Catch out a Caitlyn and ult, hit 2 Qs and my E plus one auto. She's 200-400 hp with my mark on her. She's dead right? Nope. Next thing I see a 650+ heal ult from Soraka and then she runs with hecarim speed to use locket and her W to bring Cait to full HP with 2.30 AS thanks to Ardent Censer. Ofc I get destroyed since I just blew all my abilities on my botched attempt. I could give many more scenarios involving Janna (which also rhymes with cancer), Nami, Karma, Sona, Lulu, Bard and Taric. But what's the point? You already know there is a problem. ADCs with healing/Shielding supps don't need to play safe. Just go ham and your supp will heal all the damage with no repercussions. And then there's the items and keystones. Supps get +20% heal and shield power from items and windspeakers. They get outrageous mana regen at level 1. And then to top it all off, they rush Redemption/Locket without completing supp item which further makes them more obnoxious. Want to know why ADCs are REALLY strong? It's not because of BoTRK. It's not because of BC. It's because the Heals and Shields in this game coupled with the ABUNDANCE of CDR are making them practically strong ALL game. There is no "Early, mid or late" game. They are just strong all round. Riot should looking into the healing mechanic. It's not even close to balanced atm.
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