Support Singed troller proved one thing.....

.... you can play literally anything in Bronze and Silver with a decent win rate. Riot Gromp just stated he was Gold V at the time of his punishment. GOLD V MEANS MOST OF HIS WINS WERE DURING BRONZE/SILVER. >This is where we break from the Support ticket linked in the original reddit discussion. Real talk, this player is far from the only support in Gold V to skip out on a Sightstone. If you tried this in Diamond, you'd bury your team's chances ... this is what I continually kept saying; Anyone in Plat+ will understand that this guy was a troll of the highest order. Bronzies and the like will not think it is trolling because in bronze, anything is viable. It doesn't matter if you go Crittlesticks, AP Garen, Tank Mana Janna or whatever, you can win. This is not the case against players that know what they are doing. You will get punished hard for trolling both in terms of gameplay and report rate. Justifiably so.
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