Rek'Sai Warrior (item) will be back?

From Patchnotes 6.18: >When Rek’Sai was released, we positioned her as a member of the Fighter class: a durable, damage-focused melee champion that wants to hunt down prey and finish it off herself. In the months following release, however, our balance work on Rek’Sai de-emphasized her damage threat in favor of her team utility strengths. Her optimal playstyle settled into the Vanguard (offensive tank) space, and that identity mismatch has caused a lot of player frustration. So, when Rek’Sai’s competitive dominance put her on the balance radar, we resolved not to make the same mistake twice. >Overall, fixing Rek’Sai’s role requires more than being cognizant of where to cut power, and we won’t promise that this’ll be the last time Rek’Sai visits the patch notes. That said, pushing her back toward kill-or-be-killed skirmishes is the first step in the process Does it mean that Riot want to bring back old Warrior (instead of Cinderhulk) Rek'Sai and nerf her Full Tank build?
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