Accused of scripting?

Hey guys. So I just played a Vayne game, ranked in silver, against a bunch of salty players. They had blamed each other all game that everyone was doing bad and "Teemo isn't even a real champ" was mentioned by a few of his teammates. Then, out of nowhere, a few people on their team suddenly accused me of scripting. I know what scripting is and have actually played against scripters, so I didn't act like I didn't know what it was. I had been dodging Shurikens from Zed and whatever skill shot that Quinn has. Not that I'm an amazing player, but I have over 130k experience in Vayne and I've been practicing dodging skill shots with my q as well as reactivating my auto attacks with it. So, I was accused and reported and apparently "recorded." But, I just don't understand. They said my dodges were unnatural when I just sidestepped or Q'd to the side. Am I not allowed to be good? Not to mention, I've played more games for longer than most people in Silver, as I have over one thousand normal wins and I'm now climbing out of bronze and silver during preseason. I guess what I'm asking is should I be worried that I'm going to get in trouble for doing something I didn't do, or is there some way Riot divides the salty opponents from cheating players?
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