The Yasuo Lie

That Yasuo is a high-skilled champion.... is not really the lie. Even though it is true that he really is not that difficult to play, especially once you get to two items, your feeding becomes irrelevant. And if your teammates play say... Alistar? Nami? Wukong? or any random person with a knockup, you do not even have to land a tornado to do massive damage. No, the lie is that at high levels, players stop worrying about him. Lolalytics posts an over 56% ban rate for over platinum players with a top-tier ranking for ADC and multiple other lanes he is near the top as well. Yasuo has numerous advantages that negate almost all forms of counter-play. For example, he has a passive shield that regenerates by moving and attacking. Said shield makes poking him utterly useless. Instead, you have to burst him. But you cannot because he has a wind wall that blocks almost everything, including ultimates on a much longer CD than the wind wall. Oh and speaking for the Wind Wall! Fiora, a champion that actually does require skill, has a tiny duration for her Parry compared to the Wind Wall that just gets larger and larger and lasts longer??? Running from him? Nah, he has a million dashes. Chasing him? The same. Landing a skill shot? Dashes and Wind Wall. Melee? He has reach in his Q, including being able to CS while he is hitting you and then dash away to safety. Armor? Nah, his ulti shreds armor. CC? Just buy QSS and auto-kill anyone that wants to CC you. Ranged? Nope, he has those dashes, wind wall, and even a ranged attack. Outsustain? Nope. Shield plus a complete lack of mana says no. Oh.. and having a tie for the longest CC in the game, with the single most broken CC in the game (knockup) that requires you to use QSS /and/ a movement based ability (yet people complain about champions have a 1 second stun or a suppression that lasts for 2.5 seconds because it cannot be cleansed). Complaint about scaling? What about getting max crit on two items when an ADC requires three or four (soon). An immensely powerful early game followed with a ridiculously powerful 2 item spike, even if he is massively behind is pretty silly too. Mind, I play a champion that shuts him down hardcore and punish him a lot for picking this abomination of a champion. My winrate vs Yasuo is very high. But I should not have to play one champion to not have to deal with all of this nonsense. Or hope that the person playing them is horrible at him. Oh yeah... And with current IE and Conqueror.... Fortunately they are leaving.. True Damage on him was even more horrid. Anyways... The whole point is, the entirety of the kit is clearly toxic. It was built to cause toxicity in the game. Even if it is "beatable" it should require a handful of select champions, or an entire team to play around a single champion that is sooooo popular and overpowered that no matter how good you are, he is toxic enough to be banned in over 50% of games. It shows a complete misunderstanding of what makes for a fun champion to believe this should exist. The "balance" team really seem to hate the players of this game. Oh, and I love the concept and idea of Yasuo. Just implemented so poorly... {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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