Zed is just unfun to play against as almost any champion

Picked TF into Zed, stomped him early, then when he hit 6 he could just... kill me... he would dodge my gold card with his ult 3/5 times, and I couldn't even really CS with him just pressing W towards me, smashing his face on the keyboard making sure to his E and Q at least once, proc thunderlord's, take out a shit load of health, and just repeat repeat repeat. Why does Zed have low cooldowns and low energy costs? W should be put on double the cooldown if he doesn't teleport to it, or something. It's just an unfair experience playing someone who has to manage their resource, while Zed can use all his abilities on you every time they're available with no fear of punishment. EDIT: a little exposition, I had only played TF two times recently before this (with actually great success), and I picked TF into Zed knowing it would be a difficult match up, but there's no reason he should've been able to do what he did. I was 3/0 against him, until he hit around level 9. TF is supposed to be able to burst down squishies, but not Zed, who was able to kill me with a single ultimate rotation. In what world is that fair? Maw and Mercurial give so much damn magic resist, while also giving some of the highest damage in the game, it's not proper at all. I had 734 AP with void staff, obviously, and a complete combo of my abilities would only get him to like... 30% health. I ended that game like, something ridiculous, like 14/10/13. I *never* die that much, it was devastating.
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