I don't understand why Yasuo is being buffed? Nobody likes him.

**This is not a "Yasuo is broken thread". This isn't about how strong he is.** He dies, just like everyone else does. Sure, his kit is more overloaded than Indian public transport, but that doesn't make him broken. He has the second highest ban rate, the second highest pick rate and an average win rate. Sitting on the bench 50% of matches, it's pretty good indication that the general community finds him unfun. How much clearer can the community be? I'd wager it would be even higher if it wasn't for the 20% of people hovering him, discourage his ban in that match. "We do not want him in the game." So instead of addressing that fact, and thinking "Well gee, let's look at why people don't like him." the decision is to make him even more unfun to be around? IDK, maybe the plan is to just get him to old Shaco/Kass/Kat levels of sadism that they sit at a 99% ban rate for a few seasons like that trio did.
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