Why not just remove the Support role?

It's no secret any non-support main gets hell pissed when they get autofilled support and it's worse for people who've literally never played support before. I get removing autofill would cause devilishly long queues as no one wants to play that shitty role but why not remove the role altogether and make summoner's rift 4v4 or change the map that it'd suit 2 junglers (1 tank and 1 damage)? The main issue is that people who don't constantly play support in high elo tend to suck really really hard when they get autofilled. It's like if you were a straight guy going into a brothel and you were told all girls were taken and only guys left yet you can't get your money back. Ofc you'd either just leave the place or retaliate in an unpleasant way. Which is exactly what i do - either dodge or int/troll since I'll lose the LP either way. OF COURSE I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY BUT THIS IS A VERY VALID EXAMPLE! If anything I'd be much happier if I can jump on enemy Jinx as Yi without worrying about Thresh somehow hooking me in Alpha and ruining my full damage combo. It's like c'mon dood I just needed to get 1 more auto off. Are you in for removing this lifeless role?
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