Garen is blatantly the most overpowered/broken champ in the entire game

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He has by far the highest win rate of any champion in the game at 53.26%. His win rate went from 50.24% 9.19 to 53.26% in 9.20. He also has the highest pick rate in the entire game. This means that practically every player with a keyboard and a mouse can play him and literally destroy every other champion. I went legendary in ranked in my first ever game with him and I was hardly trying... I don't even main top lane. He's actually just stupid. He does too much damage (one-shots), is too tanky, and counters virtually anything that wants to either 1) throw abilities at him (silence) and 2) is within his aa range (so much damage with E + conqueror + R). He's the latest example of an objectively OP reworked overbuffed overtuned braindead champion and the fact that I have to complain about him in the first place is a joke. My last sessions of ranked/normals have been examples of a garen either "carrying" my team or "carrying" the enemy team. The champion wins lane, then proceeds to run mid (my main role), either kills me or destroys the tower, then runs bottom and one-shots the adc and snowballs the entire game. The champion clearly has WAY TOO MUCH impact on the game and, frankly, I don't wanna throw my ban at him every game. Nerf him. Regress his rework. Do anything to him, please.
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