If you go Ezreal tp bot lane or just Ezreal in general

Stop expecting ur support to do anything for you early. You're playing such a god damn useless early game champ and you decided not to take a summoner spell to help in duels. I can't even count the amount of times I basically hand an Ezreal a kill early game but they can't finish it off and then they somehow end up dying. Like Ez is such a useless champ, I often ban him just because he's so god damn annoying to play with. Like my only option is to sit back all lane while you farm because god forbids I roam and you somehow die despite having one of the safest ways to farm. I'm so sick of Ezreal's popularity. You guys can complain about Kai'sa and Vayne all you want, but at least they don't have kits that make your support suffer all early game. I don't know a single one of my support main friends that doesn't hate playing with Ez adc. Like it's just so boring. Yeah he's a good adc, but I think Riot shouldn't make an adc that's unbearable to lane with. The Ezreal stans are actually all in my mentions right now. No one likes playing with your champion who can't do anything early game... shocker. I'd honestly rather play with a Kayle adc if I wanted a useless early game champ. Your champ isn't fun to play with. I was aware I'd get hate because Ez is one of the most popular adcs and people get offended by everything in 2019... but y'all are in denial. https://media.giphy.com/media/3oKIP8kNuTJJL3zT0I/source.gif Also I'm sorry but I don't want nor need you advice if you are unranked or iron to silver. Like your opinion matters, it just only applies to your elo. I'm sure EZREAL, the adc that's meant to have a bad early is somehow good early game in your trash elo. Like cool. Stop telling me it's like that in plat. I don't give advice to masters and above for a reason.

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