Fervent Plea For Modekaiser Information

Heyo Riot Folks! I am sure that just about any and every customer facing department is sick of these sorts of posts, but I figured I would toss this one out into the Aether. The rework of Mordekaiser {{champion:82}} is (we fervently hope) just around the corner. Unlike a few little mishaps with some previous champion updates, this time around the veil of secrecy has been as thick as the Black Mist. For some of us, myself included, it has almost been as lethal as the Black Mist as well. I am way too excited to see what you have done with the champ and to see what sort of undead behemoth you have in store for us. With all the gushing aside, I am begging to know when we might expect a bit of a teaser or some more information to chew on concerning this update? I don't even use Reddit normally, but I have been daily peering into the Morde subreddit to keep track of any updates...and the silence has been like that of the grave. Even a hint of when we can expect word would be amazing, or even a bit of written tease would surely pump up the already substantial hype. With this, I send my plea into digital whorl that is Riot's boards and hope to see if I can summon up something mildly evil and informative. Cheers! Tarcathos

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