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_**Damage in the game is too high that i barely recognize the difference when i play in Diamond elo and when i play in Gold elo**_ Now i know there are so many posts about damage being too high that even myself got sick of those posts but i can't say they're wrong. Damage in this game currently as it is is WAY too high. Speaking from a high elo support main perspective, i've been on this game since ending of season 2 and i have changed my main role multiple times from maining mid to jungling all the way up to supporting. And let me tell you one thing, any season up to this date hasn't felt as bad as this one is. Last season with Ardent meta was stupid enough ( not a fan of shielding supports ---->> lulu soraka janna with ardent ) and the damage was too big due to the damage buff that Ardent gave but this season its even worse. Its like every champion in the game got "ardented" and everyone deals insane amount of damage from early on. From "nerfing" crit damage ( and adcs ) to making an abomination such as Stormrazor to making tanks a joke with inserting True damage to Infinity edge and so on. At the start of the season it wasn't even THAT bad, i was playing Thresh a lot and i got to diamond 2 without some major issues due to the half normality of botlane. Then you decided to make a "meta" where u put heimerdinger and fiddlesticks on bot. Which is fine. I don't mind variety in the game but adding champions on some other lane doesn't necessarily mean that they need **damage** buff. Everything you've done to this game in terms of patching the game since season 7 (and its just getting worse in season 8) was giving **damage** to champions whether it was a direct buff, an item or a rune. Champions such as Jhin shouldn't run 800 per shot, Janna in fact does NOT need more damage due to her decent damage on W ( around 65 damage ) with low mana cost is just fine ( if not even too much ), Pyke is one of the most balanced champions in the game and does NOT need buffs, you will just nerf him a few patches later and ruin him completely, Garen shouldn't deal 750 damage per one trade with Chain West and Doran's shield, Kai'sa shouldn't deal AD, AP, True and %hp damage per autoattack with insanely big shield that has more hp than her maximum HP, Irelia and Jax shouldn't be able to 1v3 with 20% hp while getting reduced/no damage. And so on, and so god damn on. This game isn't a fast paced game, or it shouldn't be. If we wanted a fast paced kill or be killed game we would play Battlerite. Every strategic part of the game such as playing macro, deciding where to push and how to do it, how to open up a map after you won a lane, all of this, every GOOD thing that once was in the game, in season 5 and season 6 has been deleted just by you implementing more and more damage to the game without any reason. I know you people just care about money, and that's why you "balance" everything around World's, but if you really want to gain some sort of money while also thinking of lasting a lot more years, you have to make some changes to your game, big changes. I really hope someone from Riot reads this post, thinks about it and do something about it, cause people are getting more and more frustrated and sooner or later, you will in fact lose your playerbase and run out of money, the only thing you care about. Not even Korean high challenger stylish plays won't help you keep your playerbase alive.

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