My Thoughts on Snowballing

With all of the talk about the baron buffs on PBE and how stupidly broken it is going to be and complaints about towers and the overall snowball of the game I honestly thought that it was kinda ridiculous too. I mean in solo q it really does seem that one tower means a lost game. However, in pro play it is the opposite. The games last 40+ minutes and they have to have a baron to break the stalemate. Recently, I played a very low key and low ranked tournament game (Bronze-Silvers). Both games lasted for a little over 40 minutes and it took a baron play to make a move at all. I normally play solo q and in that environment, it may seem the towers are weak and the baron buffs are ridiculous. But when the teams are communicated the game needs those buffs to help them speed up. We as a community need to see that Riot has two communities to balance with two separate needs. The games in solo q snowball so hard because of little to no communication, tilt, etc it is not because towers are weak. I strongly encourage playing in a tournament environment and you will not only make some great friends, but understand Riot's logic when considering such buffs that seem crazy to an average solo player. To summarize, towers really are not weak and the baron buffs are understandable, it is just the hectic nature of solo play that makes it seem this way. One wrong move in a solo game would result in a tower loss at an early time. A mistake in coordinated play just means the jungler or mid sits in your lane while you get back on your feet.

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