I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.

I can honestly say I have no clue why you guys are enamored with this player. Champ select; he gives his whole spiel on what he's doing, locks Smite Nunu (ofc). Tells me to pick something that can solo lane. I'm trying to be safe so I pick Caitlyn. He never came bot. Ever. You know who did though? Their jungle Elise. I spent the entire game up to that point incapable of farming because I was against a Nami and I look back and I see an Elise sitting right behind me waiting for the minion wave to walk up. I lost first tower. And second, because their team was willing to send 4 bottom and I had nobody to actually help fight the lane. We lost while he was ranting about how efficient it is. Giving up first tower is not being efficient. Not putting any resources into a lane that's destined to lose without help is not efficient. I didn't report him because I have brothers who used to try break the meta and it's really the same thing (albeit different elo) but seriously, when you're Diamond, I kinda hoped this is something people gave up trying to do. EDIT: for the players that keep telling me to pick Ezreal I was going to but he got picked up in the previous rotation.
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