So sick of rotating game modes. MAKE URF STANDARD

I have officially had my fill of these damn game modes constantly switching in and out. Seriously, practically everything else has been ripped off of Dota, why doesn't Riot take another cue from them and keep preferred game modes active instead of constantly switching them out? I know they wanna keep their oh-so-sacred Ranked play populated, but too many players have forgotten that this is a game; a damn fun one at times when the conditions are right. It's so disappointing that my favorite mode URF and even ARURF, has been resigned to events that only come around a couple times a year at best. Seriously, what does it really cost to make it a standard game mode? From what I've seen, it's widely considered to be a preferred mode for most players. I know the hardcore ranked-only crowd probably won't touch it, but that's their choice. Does Riot really think they're gonna lose a lot of ranked players to the scary, dreaded evils of URF? Let your players make a choice, instead of strong-arming them into your own preferred game modes. A lot of us have spent money on your game, you should respect us enough to let us play the content in a way that we most enjoy.
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