Please riot, do not give in to the silver players crying about her "being too weak" (every time i see the "make her E last for 3 aas" oh god it triggers me) Shes at 48% wr right now which isnt terrible for a champ that is really weak early game, and she has a 52% wr in the KR servers so DO NOT BUFF HER, her early game IS supposed to be weak because if it wasant that champ would have 0 counterplay. If shes going to be like one of the hardest scaling champs in the game she cannot have any better early game, now if you want to make her better early game that is fine, as long as some of her late game power is cut (like want to make her ranged at lvl 6? Fine, but lvl 16 true damage upgrade has to go completely). That aside, please, stop buffing every single new rework or new champ until they become impossible to play against (the neeko and sylas buffs recently were out of this fcking world).
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