Take either the true damage or the healing out of Conqueror, or put a long ass cd on it

Idk why you guys tried to make a net neutral change to Conqueror when the point was to nerf it so top lane tanks that aren't Sion could breathe again. Its synergy with its initial abusers like Irelia, Jax, and Riven, is now **even stronger than before** due to the healing it gives while they're fighting. If the point of Conqueror is to mesh with fighters, fighters will want the bonus AD it gives, right? What-the-fuck-ever. Fine. Idk what's wrong with just using Press the Attack, since fighters love to AA things anyway, but if that rune's so painful, whatever. In a sea of runes, fighters don't have a rune because none of them give raw AD/AP stats. FINE. Why the hell does Conqueror also give life steal and true damage at the same time? Instead of negating 20% of your armor, it negates 10% and puts the other 10% it would have ignored *into your own hp pool. This is the exact same thing in an drawn out 1v1. The differential is still 20. What have we accomplished?* The enemy doesn't die as fast, but now you're effectively a vampire. What have we won from this? Increase the appeal of Bramble Vest? Conqueror needs to shave some shit. It has too much at once. It gives stats. It gives healing. It gives resistance ignore. **It fucking refreshes with a low cd even when you don't refresh it.** Why is this rune so overloaded? NERF THIS SHIT. Stop pussy-footing about it and nerf this Hashinshin wet dream out of my nightmares already.
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