New Ranked System

First off this is not about placements or a rank given after palcements, this is about the new system. And I apologize if this post is a repeat of others but idk...because I havn't looked through any posts since this season started. To me.....this new system... in MY OPINION...just is not satisfying. It feels like the worst decision since Dynamic Que. I dont understand why this change was made or who would even want this change? I don't care what rank I am at a certain role.....I care what my rank is over all my gameplay no matter what role I was. So far I've only finished placements in 1 role......but its like to me it just feels like a waste of time bouncing around between roles now. Now add that feeling with experiences like a game from earlier...... where this person literally didnt care....just started trolling....even said " idc its not my main role, i just want this game to be over." Like is this what we are going to have to deal with when people dont get their main role? Why was this change needed? Who was asking for it? I understand some people might like this even though I dont see why anyone would. Ranked was the only game mode I ever play and now it just seems like a waste to play ranked. I liked the competitiveness of trying to rank up as high as i could, not as high as i could in a particular role. Having the ranks separated by roles to me is not a true representation of your rank for this game. I feel better off just not playing ranked and just playing strictly for fun in ARAM or one of the other game modes. # #NotMyRankedSystem

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