Leaving For a Year or Two. As a Vet The Game is No Longer Fun

I've been playing since season two. I am disappointed in many things this year and I am just worn out and done with the Developers and the game. 1) Damage is extremely high because of the new Runes System. The new Runes Reforged really messed with the state of the game and which champions excel and are not playable. Damage is way too high because of specific runes, one tree always has better options and more unique things in it than another, and it just isn't fun to play against a ridiculous rune when you feel like you made an amazing play. 2) The Jungle changes are in full effect. Despite a huge uproar about how much players did not like the Scuttle changes, Riot is insisting on keeping it in the game. So many champions are no longer playable in the jungle and now specific types of champions in the jungle will always be meta and easier to play in it. It's kind of always been this way but now it is clearly evident that a specific type of champion is always going to succeed in the new jungle. 3) Too much emphasis is being put on new champion, giving VGU to champions that don't necessarily deserve it over another, and reworks are being prioritized on popular champions like Ryze, Ahri, Lux, and Azir. The Development team no longer works on champions that really need attention. The Development team works on a champion because they will get the best money from them. From a marketing standpoint it is genius. From a player that doesn't play or like Ryze, Ahri, Lux and many other popular champions . . . . we feel ignored. 4) Toxicity is not being dealt with. I do actively see players who are racist, homophobic, and just really hateful people getting banned. I do not see players who are ruining matches getting banned permanently from the game. I see the same players doing the same behavior, playing the same way, and being the same person they have been in every ranked game. The environment ranked creates is already toxic and it is expected that players know at least how to play the game relatively well. When someone is purposely queing into a match to deliberately annoy players, they shouldn't be allowed to play ranked games. Especially if they have a history of it. There needs to be a vote to kick option. Muting players, muting all players, and expecting players to constantly be the bigger person and deal with the game the way it is, is tiring, never ends and really ruins the atmosphere of the game. There is no point in playing the game if I am getting players that are not as serious about ranked as I am and they go Xerath mid to feed, whine, spam surrender and then rage quit for 10 minuets because they didn't do well. It is apparently everyone else fault that a inting Teemo mid player admitted he never played ranked but cussed everyone out multiple times, fed, and was rude the entire game . . . . matters more than the players actually trying to win the game ranked game and have fun. 5) There is actually no reformity. You can get a 10 game chat restriction and it will take you half the year to get back into honor. The system actually doesn't promote players to be friendly and enjoy playing the game. There is no progression bar, so many false reports, and the system punishes players way too hard and doesn't really give them a chance to be better players. I mean I know players that have remained toxic that are treated better than the players who are really trying hard to be better players. ---------------- Leave the game if you no longer enjoy it. Stop forcing yourself to play a beating horse the Developers don't want to actually improve. If you don't enjoy the game leave and don't support the game with your money and time. The game is no longer fun because of a lot of things but the major thing is it's not progressing, the Developers are making the same mistakes and working on content for the same champions every year, there are too many champions in the game for the amount of work that needs to be done on existing ones, and the toxicity is at an all time high. There is no point in playing the game.
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