Played new Shaco.

Felt bad. Really, really bad. P: didn't feel any difference between it triggering or just randomly slapping minions = meh Q: AP Shaco. Nerf. Unless you expect me to go to my own death. I think not. W: Surprisingly... kinda.. not bad? Somehow I felt like there's not as much dmg as it used to be. Not sure why. E: Meh as f*ck. My main tool. And it works like shit. R: hahahahaa. Meh as .. you know. But hey, who cares? At least ADCs are happy with new toys. That's what's important for Riot, amIrite? --- This whole assassin update is a bogus problem anyways. Why? Because in most cases ADCs didn't even bother buying even 1 defensive item to protect themselves from assassins. So this whole gutting update was uneccessary and stupid. So you guys have pulled the teeth of a predator instead telling ADCs to gear up properly. Priorites gone wrong as f*ck.. --- So thanks again. You have ruined yet another champion on my "I quite enjoy playing them" list. Amazing work guys. Keep it up. Now Tanks need some armor nerfs cause ADCs can't oneshot them yet, so chop chop, back to work.
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