Matchmaking Is Rigged. Riot is a dishonest company.

Alright, I've played League enough on multiple accounts to be able to make a pretty good assessment of the game's ranked mode. My conclusion is that RIOT is a dishonest company and they rig the ranked system to screw players over and cause them to climb a muddy hill. The way I see it is that unless you're Plat level or you're very lucky, it is almost impossible to get from bronze to gold. At least this is what I have noticed with newer account. I have an older account that was created in Season 5 that is gold 3 now and another newer account that started in bronze 2 (season placements). In the gold elo, matches are a bit more balanced, unless you get the occasional afk/troll. But on the new account, that's where things get interesting. I climbed slowly from bronze 2 to silver 1, and all of a sudden matches became impossible to win, dropping me back to silver 4. I've lost so many games in a row that at this point I predict I will be back in bronze in the next few games. And mind you, I generally try to carry and end with the highest stats on the team. You can repeat the mantra that "it is your fault" but, no. Nice try. Not this time. That mantra must be bs that some cretin at Riot put out to place blame on the players and move attention from their rigged system. I play pretty well for my skill level, but it is impossible to constantly carry 1 v 5, when the 5 other players are obviously much higher skill level than the rest of your team. This is not to say there aren't times that I don't make mistakes, but generally I play at the gold elo level. If that wasn't the case, I would be gold 3 on the older account. But even so, I shouldn't need to be challenger skill level to climb. And I should have to constantly carry, it is a damn "team game" after all. The matchmaking system should place equally ranked players together. But no, that's not the case. I mean, it is pathetically obvious that is not the case when, for example, your team's cs is trash compared to the opponents' cs. And this has been a constant occurrence. I play for fun and don't care to move past the gold elo. This is suppose to be a game for various skill levels. And if I'm gold level, it shouldn't be impossible to climb into that from bronze. But it is, at least with the new account. Either way, I'm not sure how this game is still alive. There must be a lot of fools playing it. And I'm not longer one of them. I highly recommend you guys get off of this game. It is ran by a dishonest company. And that's my take. Cheers!
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