Riot, if you want mage botlanes to be a thing..

Mages need to be able to carry harder than they currently can. As is, there are very few mages who have enough impact that could warrant a "Protect this Mage" team comp. Nerfing marksmen and supports will not make that happen, unless more mages have more power to carry the mid-late fights for their team. Examples of some mages that can carry their teams if protected: {{champion:69}}{{champion:161}}{{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} and sometimes {{champion:112}} in a suitable teamcomp. All in all, that's a rather small pool of chamions, and there's not enough synergy in botlane for teamcomps focused around them. Maybe the new upcoming support and some new support items that help mages such as an AP equivalent to ardent could fix that. But as is, the main issue with mages in botlane, is that supports are not equipped to support mages in the botlane.
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