True damage is ruining the game for tanks

I like to play tanks, a lot. There has been a certain trend in the games I play and it goes like this: - I have an enemy team with 2 ap 3 ad, pretty normal. At first I do not tank that much due to no items. Nothing new there. I am playing as a jungler. - At 15min I start to have a few armor items so I don't die that easily, again nothing special. - At 25min I notice that I die fast in teamfights after only building armor. I decide to build magic resistance now as they have two ap champions. - After building multiple items and having over 200 in both resistances I still die in a blink of an eye. "How" I think, and the look at the death recap. - "True damage dealt: 2769" followed by a loud REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE What's the point of tanks if they cannot even tank? They can't have the ridiculous sustain like most of the conqueror users (I've noticed that those champions are a lot slower to kill than tanks too for some reason I cannot understand) And they don't have the damage to one shot enemy team either. **Tanks feel like some CC vending machine that break after someone sneezes on them.** This especially applies to armour vs ad champions. **Top lane is a conqueror fiesta**. Have you ever had to play as a tank against Irelia for example? If you haven't, try it once. I guarantee that you will have a nice time staying under turret or looking at the grey screen. The difference between -insert tank here- and Irelia (or any other conqueror user) is also the lane sustain. Irelia can take both ravenous hunter and legend bloodline with conqueror resulting in a nice one sided malleting as the tank has no way to damage the champion more than he/she heals. Another thing I really think about are assassins. **Why are assassins able to also assassinate tanks?** What kind of thinking is that? Aren't assassins supposed to move behind lines and attack the carries? Now they can attack whatever they see first and it'll work. It may be fun to play as but a real toxic thing for everyone else. Also **wasn't the point of assassin rework to make people have more time to react to bursts?** Where the hell did that go? Did someone just forget it at Riot? True damage is fine as long as it's unique to the champion. Like take Darius. His ult has always dealt true dmg. Same with Cho'Gath.I didn't had a problem with it then, and I certainly don't have a problem against it now either. **What I do have a problem against is champions that should not have true damage, having true damage.** Mostly it's conqueror. I realized this after I saw an Udyr slap malphite (Note that Udyr isn't even that strong of a champion right now). The first hits dealt little damage, as they should as Malphite had a ridiculous amount of armour. Then Conqueror kicked in and malphite started losing HP like he had no armour at all. It was pretty clear what is wrong after seeing that. **Remember that there exists armor penetration items as well! Lethality, armor penetration and true damage combinated makes armor paper.** Arrmor penetration and lethality are enough thank you very much. Will I still keep playing tanks? Hell yea I will. I enjoy being the one who protects and tanks (Even though the second is a bit questionable now) much more than I like to be an edgy ninjaboi who kills everything by just walking towards them. I just really wish my role could do what it was named after, tank.

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