A little consistency, Please, Riot. Acknowledge your own words

Way back in the day, during 2015 or so, during the Tank reworks, {{champion:78}} Poppy here got a rework. I remember the dev team saying specifically that her old ult needed to change because of something like "Being able to say 'Hey enemy adc, even though we're in the middle of a 5v5 teamfight right now, you and I are going to 1v1' is fun for poppy, but it's not fun for anyone on the enemy team to play against." And so her ult was changed from diplomatic immunity, which made it so no one but the target of Poppy's ult could damage poppy, to keeper's verdict, the kinda silly "slap you back to fountain" disengage. During the 5 seconds of diplomatic Immunity, Poppy's victim's team could still heal and shield her victim, and they could run away from the "1v1". If she killed them nothing happened. Now you release {{champion:82}} mordekaiser. And what does his ult do? Oh, it crosses someone into the shadow realm for 7 seconds, where they 1v1 with mordekaiser. They can not run away and their team can not heal them or shield them. On top of that, he also steals 10% of their "core stats", and if he kills them in the 1v1, he keeps them until they respawn. And he can cast this in the middle of a teamfight, on the enemy ADC... _Amazing design. Tell someone that something is toxic and remove it from the game so they'll never expect to see it in the game again, then add it and make it even better for the shock/excitement . 10/10 _
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