Views on AR URF?

URF is widely loved and cherished we all know this. I myself enjoy playing URF, trying out crazy combinations and odd champions, is all part of the fun. So when AR URF was announced I was still excited because it was the URF we all know and love but "without the same champs in every game". Oh how I wish that were true. In over half of the games I played there was a Lissandra/Morgana combo on the enemy team, which as you know, is damn near impossible to play against. There was far less champ diversity then I was expecting, and overall it felt just like an ARAM feels where one team just gets the upper hand with strong champs and the other team gets steamrolled. Sometimes it went in our favor and we would crush the enemy and sometimes it went in there favor. But what I noticed as I played more games was how angry I was that I couldn't just play who I wanted to play. I love playing Hecarim or Ziggs and I didn't get to play either once. I played Kayle 3 times (it was ok, but boring as all hell). You have to roll the dice on a team comp, you don't get to ban some of the overpowered champions that you could in regular URF, and if the enemy team got those picks well it was GG. A lot of players look forward to URF, it is a special time, but taking away the option to play who you want to play makes it less fun. I get the idea behind it, I really do but I don't think it quite hit its mark. These of course are just my thoughts. What are your thoughts? TL;DR: I miss the old URF and don't like the way AR URF is so lopsided.
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