Why do we have "compulsory" drake fights every few minutes?

Me: We are losing quite heavily...can't we just ignore the drake and take cs and knock some towers down so we can catch up? Team: NOH DRAKE TEAMFIGHT (~~clown~~cloud drake)! Me: They have superior AOE cc, and we are on red side, they will just nuke us in the small pathway while we try to go near the pit. Team: CHARGE THAT PIT! Me: We are pick comp, we should wait out and catch they while they try to group. Team: 5v5 IS HONORABLE COMBAT! ...I guess this has been a thing since elemental drakes were been in the game. But I notice for a lot of high elo junglers, drakes are a afterthought because securing early-mid game is more crucial than causing a fiesta that can compromise the whole game. Why?
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