Riot has sent a powerful message to it's community: Solo players aren't welcome in LoL

Since it has pretty much been confirmed that SoloQ is not coming back I am pretty ticked off that I now must be alienated and punished in my games simply because I prefer to play alone. I have not played a game today where I was not put in or against a 3-4 man premade group, attacked because of it and punished by being placed at a disadvantage when vsing them. (Just to clarify I have not be banned, this is not a ban appeal) Riot. If you don't want Solo players such as myself in LoL then just come out and say it. Make it so you simply cannot queue up for a game unless you have at least 1-2 other people to queue up with plain and simple, because as it stands now that is what it's looking like. Let the down voting commence.
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