is duoQ unhealthy for league?

i want riot acknowledge that duoQ is complete BULLSHIT/unfair/unfun. it only allows for boosting and premades getting laughably easy wins, premades can troll a game and vote no all game if they wish while staying silent and reporting people that flamed them for trolling. what do soloQ get? nothing + a autofilled support. are there not other queues for premades or what? is this the reason we cant have soloQ? if thats the case i understand. its NOT fun getting victimized as a toplaner by a jungler+top premade. its NOT fun getting completely fucked by a duoQ braum+draven, its NOT fun slowly losing a game to a lulu+kog or twitch+janna, its NOT fun being a midlaner/jungler when the enemy mid+jungle are premade and heading botlane. people who cant justify their own bullshit stay silent and thats exactly what riot are doing. they are hoping threads like these die off so that we eventualy forget. i understand that your not allowed to admit stuff on riot accounts, but i at least hope one of you rioters post on an anonymous account agreeing with how bullshit it is. i dont care how frustrated and not very constructive this post sounds, i just want riot to admit that duoQ is BULLSHIT after all these years even if they dont implement soloQ. i dont hate riot, i love them overall. i just hate that they allow duoQ's and boosters to thrive, i know they ban boosters but they can fix that with soloQ aswell.
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