How to play ezreal without kelpto next season?

Ive tried to play electrocute, comet, dark harvest and everything feels really bad to play with, the moment you get ganked or camped or fall behind thats it you are useless for the entire game untill you get 3+ items. your damage is very low and you dont scale as hard as crit adcs or mage mid lanes, ive tried maxing W as ap and you just cant kill anyone the burst is not there an you have to waste E to proc it reliably and E having such a massive cooldown now you cant kite for sht with it early because your base move speed is so low that pretty much anyone can run you down just with basic movespeed abilities. so how are you gonna play ezreal with all his nerfs and no klepto to actually scale. Every single ability ratio has been hit and cooldowns massively increased without any compensation so all hes had is item scaling and now without klepto lol you are just gonna get abused so hard an go to 30% win rate.
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