More proof that Shaco needs to be hammered down.

People in my other thread were trying to understate the effect his changed Q has had on his early game, and this is just proof that it's broken him. Look at this and see where things go wrong: Shaco's WR by game-length, patch 9.18, 2 patches before his changes Shaco WR by game-length, patch 9.19, 1 patch before his changes He had a weak early game, but a strong late game. This is because Shaco scales insanely hard with items. There's not much you can do when someone deletes you from stealth. And, contrary to popular belief, Assassins do have the means to teamfight. They just have to wait until CC is expended or catch the strays. For reference, statistically speaking, both of these examples show that Shaco scaled as hard as current Kayle does but ramped up slower. Here's Current Kayle for reference. I believe these Shacos were balanced, since their overall WR never dropped under 50% WR. Now this is the patch where his changes come through. Patch 9.20, before his nerfs. Strong early game, mid game(despite the dip, that's a 52% WR), AND late game. But he was nerfed right? So let's see the next two patches. Patch 9.21, where he receives his nerf. Hardly a change, though this is in part because he had a 9.4% Pick-Rate in the patch before his nerf, and a 5.8% PR in the patch after. Bare in mind that this PR was higher than 64% of champions at the time, so his case is nothing like A'Sol's in the slightest. Finally, current patch's Shaco. 6% PR. If you want to make a point about his PR, then the next time you consider complaining about Rengar, Hecarim, Zoe, Talon, or Tryndamere, just remember that they all have a lower PR than Shaco. His WR is still climbing, and now he doesn't dip under 53% WR at any stage of the game. His late game is also at 56% WR, which is 1% below Old Shaco and current Kayle's late game. Riot said they wanted to trade his early game for his late game, and that's fair, BUT they failed. Like I said, Shaco's late game power comes from items. It doesn't matter if you shaved 1 second of invisibility off his late-game Q because a blink, which itself is superior to a dash, with 3.5 seconds of invisibility is still enough to reach a backline. It's still enough for him to delete you from stealth, and, no, Shaco mains, don't give me any more false equivalences about how there's other champions like him. Eve reveals herself, Twitch reveals himself, and even Rengar warns an area. Shaco is the ONLY jungler with so little counterplay. Bare in mind, that Eve, Twitch, Rengar, and EVEN [Lee Sin](, all have weaker early games than Shaco in spite of his late game being so strong. Thank you for reading if you made it here(or even halfway, truly), and please nerf him Riot.
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