A Solution...

Balancing for regular players and the pro's does not work well due to skill/coordination differences. You have cases where the lowest win rate and low play rate champions get nerfed just to balance for the pro's. What if pro's received variable # of bans? If the goal is to add diversity to the pro champion picks then force in on them. For example in a best of 7 series 1st game 10 bans 2nd game 10 more bans (plus original 10) for 20 total bans 3rd game 10 more bans (plus original 20) for 30 total bans 4th game 10 more bans (plus original 30) for 40 total bans 5th game 10 more bans (plus original 40) for 50 total bans 6th game 10 more bans (plus original 50) for 60 total bans 7th game 10 more bans (plus original 60) for 70 total bans You'd get to see a lot champion diversity at the pro level. Maybe by the 7th game Teemo gets picked?! Maybe all ADC's get banned and a double melee bot lane is picked. I personally think this would be more interesting, but it's a matter of taste. **But most importantly the balance team could focus on regular players.**
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