Riot, Why are you removing champs that can go AP or AD

Ezreal used to be able to go AP or AD, but thats not really the case anymore, you've been slowly nerfing him for years (I assume so the AP ezreal fans don't get mad) Rengar used to be able to do it, but you patched that so fast an AP Rengar fan base couldn't form. AP Jax was kinda doesn't really work anymore AP Yi was totally just removed AP Tristana was gutted AP Tryndamere was nerfed into oblivion AD neeko was gutted when her on hit was reworked AD Akali is now useless after her rework. Most of these have been slow and methodical, i assume as to not upset the people that played them. So really, what do you have against AD/AP champs? I don't mind if its for some balance reason I don't know about, but it being so quiet and secretive really bugs me. I honestly think champs that are viable both AD and AP are the most fun champs, it allows for so much build diversity, or even switching your build Mid game. I mean just last patch... "Ezreal has been a bit of a terror" ~Patch 9.16... Really? Has he been? hell he was already bad after you removed his old W...

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