Make countering balanced.

This goes towards all the Meta champs. I have a problem with Jhin. He can get an item to proc his movement speed by right clicking.And yes it can be countered but you would have to put 10x more effort to counter him, than for him to gain all the movement speed. Yasuo - I have seen people, and me win against yasuo's who are so bad, yet all they needed to do was hit their ult and the whole health bar goes down.And they did it with little effort. Lucian - I mean q and 2 autos and your half with health already. Catch him and he dashes away, jsu to turn around and nuke you. At level 2 Regardless of who it is. Some champs seem like they have a counter but it takes so much effort and team coordination to execute, while they ge to to do their shit with 1 brain cell. I wouldn't care if jhin could go mach 20 if you could catch him an easier way. For me anyways doesn't feel balanced. I don't' even get satisfaction. If a move is hard to execute it should be hard to counter. Yet these champs show the easiest execution for their biggest advantages, and their really hard to counter. I'm not the best player at all. But it shouldn't take a great player to counter something that can be done with such ease.

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