Assassin damage speed/efficiency chart(feedback welcome)

finished assassin speed chart 1st Leblanc 2nd Talon 3rd Kassadin 4th Kha'zix 5th Zed 6th Nocturne 7th Fizz 8th Evelyn 9th Akali 10th Katarina 11th Kayn 12th Shaco 13th Ekko Please give feedback if you feel someone is faster/slower thanks! logs: worst to best: some explanations Ekko has delays on his Q, W, and R. 3 of them are telegraphed. He has overall the most delays and loses a lot of damage. his main guaranteed dmg is E. which wont do too much dmg. Talon rework added many delays to his damage, but he is still a good assassin Shaco: his W is telegraphed in a 1v1 and his damage is not too good. he does have good stealth but he usually cant do damage fast enough and safely enough. Katarina: telegraphed dagger landings and ult has delay but also can be escaped from avoiding a lot of damage. Kayn has slightly telegraphed W hitbox and he is pretty slow, his ult also has a delay. He can easily be auto attacked by an adc while using w or q to fight. Akali: Delay on her ultimate and E dash, her W also is pretty telegraphed but helps her with her delays if they stay. her q costs a lot of energy early game thus slowing her kill potential. she also needs to use q at least 2-3 times while auto attacking. Evelyn hate spike is delayed, charm is delayed, ult makes her away from you so if you use barrier after she ults she can't get to you again. also whiplash is only melee range. very unefficient assassin. Leblanc: fast burst if used properly, has delays that don't really hurt her damage much but still surpassed by nocturne. Nocturne: his e does have a delay but its not his main damage so he can still kill pretty good. Zed is very fast but his only real delay is his 3 second r delay. If he is a good zed he can do a lot while its up. Kha'zix: no delays pretty much goes in and does his thing. kassadin no real delays and he has lots of mobility. His only real counterplay is the increased mana costs on ult. Ignoring this he is fastest by far. combo on kass always looks like this qwerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrq
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