Kindred is (are?) the worst champion in the game: Change My Mind

I have the solemn belief that Kindred: The Eternal Hunters are the worst champion in all of League of Legends. In this list I want to detail a few reasons why I think so, and what I think could be done to make them better. **1. The Passive:** On paper, Kindred has an amazing passive. Get stacks by killing certain champions and/or monsters, those stacks enhance your other abilities and every 4 stacks increases Kindred's attack range. Sounds great right? Wrong. Kindred's passive is like communism, it sounds great on paper but when you read between the lines you see how horrible it is. Firstly everyone on the map and their grandma can see where Kindred's hunts are, for some reason. So, how do you play against Kindred? Simple, just check to see where their next mark is, grab a teammate or two, wait for them to show up and, ta-dah, free kill. If I had a dollar for every-time I went into to enemy jg to just to get ambushed by two or three enemies sitting in a nearby bush, I'd probably only have like 34-ish dollars, but it still happened a lot. **The Solution:** I have two for the passive; A. Make some of the early hunts spawn in Kindred's jungle. Why do I have to risk my neck going super deep into enemy territory to get stacks that are ESSENTIAL to my play style? That's like having Nasus only able to stack if he's in the enemy base. Why not throw Kindred players (all 7 of them) a bone and have some of the earlier hunts spawn in the player's jungle? And maybe after 3 or 4 successful hunts then they spawn in the enemy jungle? **Or** B. If A is to extreme for you how about this, make it so that enemies, ya know, CAN'T see the HUNTS? If jungle-camp-based hunts were not on the mini-map, it would allow Kindred to actually counter-jungle without the threat of being insta-bodied as soon as they get to the mark. The marks are essential to their kit, but people use them to set traps and rake in the free kills, so what's even the point? It feels like the game itself is trying to get you killed. Think of it like this, what if every time Evelyn went invisible, her position was marked on the mini-map for everyone to see? Seem fair to you? **2. The Ultimate:** Kindred's ultimate, without sugar coating at all, is terrible. My main gripe with the ultimate is why does it make enemies invincible? Does Kayle have the option of Ulting her opponent? No, Does Kled Ult speed up enemies? No, Does Soraka heal everyone on the map? No, Can Yasuo Ult damage teammates? No. I could go on for every single champion Ult in the game but you get the point. Kindred's ultimate is in most situations actually more advantageous to their opponents than it is for their own team. **The Solution:** Make the invincibility and heal for teammates only, that's right I said it. I know some people would think that's broken, but I would say the following. "If you think Kindred's ult being teammate only would be busted, then how come I don't see you complaining about Soraka ultimate not healing enemies?" Other ultimates don't effect both teams the same way, so why does Kindreds? **Conclusion:** Counter-play is good and essential for all champions to be balanced, but Kindred is a perfect example of a champion having to much counter-play, and enemy players can and will take advantage of it. As long as Kindred is in this state they will continue to be in the bottom of the barrel and almost never see any play outside of a few weirdos who like their play-style and general theme (like me). But, as I said in the title, I am open to discussion, so if you think you can, change my mind.
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