riot should take a break from making new champs for a while.

We all agree that new champions are fun and exiting, but there are a lot of things riot needs to work on to better balance league and make it anext even better game. 1. Rework the champs that needs reworks. Getting Ashe was basically like getting a new champion. It brought a lot of people to pbe and was and is a very popular pick now. Saw some lcs Play too. There are a ton of champs that need minor tweaks or complete reworks. Balancing what you have already presented us should be priotithere. There are a ton of champ options and diversity now. 2. Learning champs is incredibly hard for new players. This game gets bigger every day. I started playing a year and half ago. Learning every champ and what they did toOK a very long time. I have only played probably about 25% of the roster. There are so many champs already and you have to master a few if you want to get anywhere in ranked. How can you expect all these champs you took time into making to get played by noobits when there is a new champ released every month and said players are trying to learn and findo already released players they may like. 3. Why do I have to go on to figure out ratios and what not for champions? Why is the in game description of skills less descriptive then online? Why are certain things even left out in game description? Like the fact hecarim can move through creeps and a bunch of others. This game is great but I feel like it's time to start doing some fine tuning and it would make the game experience a lot more enjoyable. FixING champs and reworking them is like a new champ in itsself. We basically got two new champs back to back with Ashe and Ekko. Work on fixing poppy/Taric/Yorrik etc. Then those champs will get a bunch of play again.
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