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The more I look at the changes they made to this item the more I miss the old one. Yes this does give you double of your crib chance making it only take to crit items to get you to 100% crit. But with the ten percent of the crit damage converted to true damage it’s just not good compared to what it was. I’ll take my 25% crit with the 150% crit damage please. There is a reason why ADC have fallen down. I remember being able to 3 shot tanks with Draven. I would like to see them change the true damage back to the 150% crit damage. If they changed the build to 2 BF sleds I think this would help even it out. Storm razor is a good item but toward end game your only going to get one or two profs oof it for it to be useful it would need to be more consistent. Maybe lowering the time it takes to get a charge late game. Discuss this issue and more by following my twitch Protojey is the name and discussing is our game.

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