Playing mid-day is such a different experience than playing in the evenings/night time.

Mid day is honestly the worst time to play, especially in ranked. I dunno what it is about it, but it never fails, from noon to 5, games are just riddled with trolls, like, we are talking 0/10 supports, 0/11 adc, 1/19 mids with 9 CS, jungles who' idea of a gank is "I'm gonna flash outta this bush, ult a minion and walk away" ect. This isn't just limited to one team either, its BOTH sides, riddled with trolls and int's, Maybe I'm just unlucky and getting the weird games, but its a pattern really. Night Time, However, 10pm-4am, Good games, no feeders, less troll, Just people actually trying and trying hard. Maybe I'm paranoid, Maybe the pattern is real. I dunno, I can only relay my own experiences

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