Tristana's passive doesn't work with her thematic.

It's fairly obvious what Tristana's theme is meant to be; she's our ["Reckless Soldier"]( She jumps into the fray, blows somebody up, and keeps going until either she dies or everybody else does. If Katarina were an ADC, she'd be Tristana. There's just one thing that doesn't mesh. Draw a Bead allows Tristana to play safer, which the champion herself likely [wouldn't appreciate]( Buster Shot gives her a lot of self peel, which I'm personally not a fan of, but it's so useful for bursting people down in the midgame that I can accept it. There are other potential ults that could fit the character better, but this one will do. Rocket Jump gives her a good escape, and that's fine. She's reckless, but not suicidal. Besides, she uses it aggressively a lot, which offsets its use as an escape. Most of her kit is fine, but I just wish she got a new passive that made her feel a bit more... risky.
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